Isaiah 1

Seems to me that this could fit today's world - ecspecially verses 2-6. Evildoers, rebellion, forsaking the Lord in the name of religion (like in verses 10-15), etc. Sometimes it is difficult to perform my life according to verses 16-20. It took a long...

(Jesus the Christ.)

Master teacher,master carpenter and reported to be the son of God. Not recorded to have ever written anything with no one on earth having any idea as to what he may have looked like. (JESUS THE CHRIST.) MAN


A gender free universal levil of inteligence that no one knows aything about.


A gender free universal levil of inteligence that no one knows anything about.

god is real

:)for all those people who belive in God I Thank you and for those who do not you have not a heart Jesus=good Devil=bad my grandmother prays every day day and night she has a little table in a corner decorated with statues of Jesus Virgin-Mary...

Who says Christians can't have fun?

Hey Family, I need some Christians to let me know what there is to do in your town for good, clean fun either for adults or for the family (of course, kids included). I own a Christian lifestyle magazine (L.O.I.R.E. Magazine), and I need all the...

Need help from some smart Christian folks!!!

own a new Christian Magazine (L.O.I.R.E. ... pronounced Luh-whar) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I'm trying to partner up with some marketing firms. I need some ideas from my smart marketing folks here as to how I can really impress them and make sure...

Pondiferous, things to think

So i was fishin with the man, Jesus, the other day. He's REALLY bad at casting his line. When Jesus just up and said "ben, im gay."..... "ok jesus, so what?" Jesus looked a bit out of tune. "Well," he says "shouldnt you be going crazy?" "jesus, brutha,...

we are a disease

I think us humans are a disease. What would earth be if we did not exist on it? Everything would flow right. Trees would grow, Animals would eat, everything would cycle .I think the universe is one big cell. Earth is just another like proton inside the...

Mormonism.............counterfeit Christianity

Where I live is a major stomping ground for Mormons. I do like LDS people and in fact most of my relatives are involved in the Mormon Church. However, let me be perfectly blunt when I say that Mormons put their faith in a counterfeit Jesus Christ. They...

What Does Christian Mean?

All, What do you mean when you say "I am a Christian"? I am not asking for an intellectual definition of Christianity. What I am asking is: what do you mean, personally, when you say "I am a Christian."? If you choose to respond please suffer one more...


i have been doubting bout Jesus and i just need some encouragment from all ya Christian bwoyz an girlz out there

Hangin with Big G

So i was hanging out with God the other day. God's a very strange dude, i must admitt. hes always chattering on about rocks and satallight, i think he got stuck on one during a cosmic surfing contest. well anyway i was just sitting there watching him...


I am a christian mom of one going to dog grooming school and juggling work and motherhood can ne1 relate

Is Jesus God?

Why do some people that believe in the Bible say that Jesus is not God. When in John 1:1 and in John 1:14 -- Is Jesus a part of God? is he powered by God to do Gods work? If so is that why people say that he is God.

Are We Seeking Truth And If So Can You Accept Truth

[FONT="Times New Roman"][B][I]A LITTLE KNOWN FACT SINCE 1933 AND BEFORE Current mood: contemplative Category: Religion and Philosophy A little over a half century ago Kersey Graves created quite a furor in the orthodox religious circles by writing a...

God’s great time span.

[SIZE="4"]I’m going to copy some of Indebted’s ideas and use capitals as well, to drive home the point.:cool: Isaiah, said over 2700 years ago. Isaiah 13: 6. “ HOWL YE; FOR THE DAY OF THE LORD is AT HAND; it shall come as a DESTRUCTION FROM THE...

Wheres the power?

In reading the bible and listening to all these different preachers youd think that the church really was walking on this earth with all this God given power however if the church people really had that kind of power than do you really think that there...

Indigenous church?

What are your thoughts on indigenous churches? Have we become far too wrapped up in making sure that the church "looks good" to outsiders? What are the implications here?

Truth or Cult?

Mornanism: cult or truth? Jehovah's witness: cult or truth? Hinduism: cult or truth? Buddhism: cult or truth? With so many different religions out there what are going to believe? Are they all the same or very different?