Messages from Jesus to a "Chosen Child in Chicago"


March 24th-30th, 2012

March 24, 2012 (8:10pm)

Please tell My children to stay in tune with the feelings of the members of your family. They are all undergoing spiritual attacks in one way or another and they need your help. Pray for them to be able to fight the temptations the enemy is presenting in such a pleasant fashion. Some of them are very weak and need your prayers to overcome them. My children these are the times that try men’s souls. There is so much evil in the world. Remember though were evil abounds grace abounds all the more. So you will always have enough grace to save your soul. Sad to say so many of My beloved children reject the graces sent to them to help them deal with their sorrows. Oh My children, what will it take to convince you of My deep love for you as an individual and how it hurts Me to see how destructive a life pattern some of you have. It doesn’t have to be this way My children. There are so many benefits when you pray and ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your life. First you gain many graces and there is also peace in your heart which only the Lord can give. When you have that peace, you are more open to reaching out to others who also need to have that peace. Oh My children life doesn’t have to be so difficult as some of you make it. If you just try to keep the Commandments and pray every day to do God’s Holy Will and try to follow His Will you can be happy and joyful and pleasant for others to want to be around you. So My children you have the blueprint for a good and holy life. Are you going to take advantage of this great gift or will you squander it? It’s up to you whether you do My Will or yours. Only you can decide. Remember once again to continue your prayers and fasting for the man you want to be your next president. There are so many trying to pressure him into dropping out of the race. Pray for him to have fortitude and courage to carry on until he wins this great election. These prayers he also will be praying. My beloved children your candidate is now receiving these messages and is getting much encouragement in his desire to lead your country back to God. He will win but you must continue the spiritual battle with your prayers. I love you, Jesus.


March 25, 2012 (12:05pm)

Tell My beloved children to take heart. The elections will start to show the candidate you are praying for to be winning in more and more states. The opposition is looking for an opportunity to slander his character by false statements that will be total lies made up to try and convince voters to cast their vote for the opposition. So My children you are being asked once again to increase your prayers and penances for your candidate to have moral courage to defend his character and prove these charges to be totally false. The media will continue to report these lies as if they were facts to dupe people into believing them. As you were told these people will stoop to anything to win in the primaries. So My children continue to be positive in your thinking and don’t get discouraged by the lies. All this will be defended by your candidate with confidence. The media and their cohorts will try another tactic when this one doesn’t work and it too will backfire. You can’t fight Heaven and expect to win. Your candidate is much more confident since he has been reading these messages. He believes them to be divinely inspired as they are. I love you, Jesus.


March 26, 2012 (8:52am)

Tell My beloved children to start paying attention to what is happening in your government. They are writing bills and passing them without your knowledge of them. Some of these are being done to take away more of your rights and to give more authority to your government. These things are unconstitutional but that doesn’t matter to this administration. Once more and more of you get knowledge of what they are doing you will be able to hold them accountable by your protests through writing and calling your Congressmen and letting them know they will not be voted back into office until they put an end to these dishonest practices. My dear ones the man you are all praying for to be your next president is well aware of what your government is doing and he needs your prayers to help him get elected. Once he is in office there will be many things he can do to stop some of the practices that have been going on for many years. As you were told the powers behind the scenes will be doing everything to get back their power. These people are being led by satan in all their actions. They will still believe they can succeed with their evil plans, but they will always backfire on them in spite of their heroic efforts to get them to work. The power of your prayers is much more powerful than satan and all his minions in the world trying to put forth his evil schemes. We need your continued prayers and fasting to give your candidate the moral courage and endurance he will have to have in order to combat all the evil that he will have to fight. My dear ones, he will be your next president. Praise God and all His holy saints. I love you, Jesus.


March 27, 2012 (9:25am)

Tell My beloved children to remember to pray for loved ones who have died, especially My dear priests. So many of you think your loved ones are in Heaven since now days the priests unfortunately to make the bereaved to feel comforted tell them their loved ones are in Heaven. This is not true most of the time My dear ones. You have many sins to atone for before you are cleansed enough to be able to experience the joys of Heaven. There are very few souls who go directly to Heaven when they die even if they have led holy lives on earth. There are different levels of Purgatory and for some the lower levels are very close to being in Hell and those who are there will spend many years before they can go to Heaven, so please pray every day for the souls in Purgatory. Now My dear ones, I’m asking you to pray, fast, and do penance for your Supreme Court to make the right decision regarding your president’s health care plan. If this is agreed to be constitutional your country will be living under socialism which will eventually become communism. You must pray to defeat this. You must also pray more for your candidate to have the right words to speak when he is prodded by the reporters to say things to make him look bad to the public. These people are very clever in how they try to get the one they are against to say words they can use against them. Now more than ever he needs your prayers. Even though you know he is going to win, don’t let up on your prayers and fasting. These are what is going to make him your next president. I am with you in all your loving efforts. I love you, Jesus.


March 28, 2012 (8:52am)

Tell My beloved children to stay up on all the events that are about to occur in your country. Especially be aware of what they (meaning the powers behind the scenes) will try to do to get the court to accomplish their agenda. But also be aware their schemes will not work and the court will make a favorable decision calling the mandate unconstitutional. This would not have happened My dear children if you had not prayed and fasted. Your prayers and good works were heard and will be answered. I thank all of you who went on only bread and water for your part in answering this prayer. Now My children, you must continue the same for your next president to be elected. His family is also praying and fasting believing these messages to be true. This must give him great confidence. You My dear children are responsible for all the positive things that are happening regarding the elections. No one will believe how the elections are going to favor your candidate since the media has tried so hard to convince you your candidate can’t win. Please pray all the more to be assured of My promise to you. Your candidate who you are praying for will be your next president. God bless all My beloved children who answered My call. I love you, Jesus.


March 29, 2012 (9:23am)

Tell My beloved children that at last their prayers are being heard. All the fasting done with the prayers throughout your country will keep your Constitution sound. The shadow government won’t give up and will try to find other ways to destroy your Constitution but they won’t succeed with their evil plans. Your candidate is about to be smeared by the media in ways that are contemptible but with your prayers and fasting he will be able to endure all the lies and slander. There are so many of My beloved children who are now praying since they have been reading these messages and I’m so happy with you. Your fine example will encourage others to pray as well. So My dear ones, you can see that your prayers and fasting are still necessary to defeat the enemies of your country and your Church. There are masons and communists in the Church who are using every means possible to destroy the Church which I founded. They of course will never succeed. The gates of Hell will not prevail against it. These people are in prominent places and are very clever in keeping their real identity unknown. They are sheep in wolves clothing and you don’t realize the harm they have already done. Keep praying My dear ones there are many more battles to be fought, but remember I am always with you and all Heaven is watching over you. I love you, Jesus.


March 30, 2012 (9:07am)

Tell My beloved children to choose your friends carefully. I’m especially speaking to teens. Make sure your friends have high integrity and a good moral character. If your friends ask you to do things you know your parents would not approve of, these are not good friends to have. Choose friends that are happy and cheerful and make you want to be all you can be. My dear adults I speak to you as well. You know in your heart if your friends are helping you to be a better person or if they are pulling you away from all that is wholesome and good. If these friends want you to party all the time with drinking and drugs you have a moral obligation to avoid them. You must pray for them but don’t allow yourself to lose your soul by your association with them. It isn’t important to have many friends and to want to be popular among your peers. It is good to have a few good friends that you can feel comfortable with when you share your faith. It is up to you to try to bring God into your conversations and to be proud of your faith. Life can be very beautiful when you have a blessed relationship. If you don’t have good friends ask God to put someone in your life that you can share your experiences and your faith with. He will put the best person to suit your personality and likes into your life. Now My children, We must get back to the best candidate for your president. You are all aware of what it takes to lead your country back to God. You also know you must continue your prayers and fasting in order for him to win the elections. As you can see through the media they are trying to force your candidate to drop out of the race claiming the opposing candidate of the same party needs all the delegates and your candidate is keeping him from accomplishing what the party wants for him. You must not be discouraged by their schemes to get your candidate out of the race. They are getting more desperate knowing that your candidate is picking up support in more states. Keep up your prayers and fasting My dear ones. You won’t be disappointed. I love you, Jesus.

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